Petitions – 13 August 2022

1. Dearest Mother, I am writing this petition to ask you to intercede to your Son, Jesus Christ, that my company will not come out with a memo they don’t want to extend the services of workers above 60 years of age. There are many who would like to work after the retirement age. Please intercede to your Son, for many of my friends who are about to retire.

2. I have had a sudden onset of hives over my whole body and it is very itchy and it is made worse by eczema. Please intercede for my speedy recovery.

3. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for my family as most of them have been tested positive for Covid or have symptoms. I pray for them to have a speedy recovery and I pray that I won’t be affected.

4. Mother of Perpetual Help, kindly intercede to Jesus for my youngest daughter to do well in her coming exams.

5. Dearest Mother Mary, my son and daughter-in-law have been trying for some time to conceive another child. Please pray and intercede for them to your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

6. Mother Mary, I pray for your intercession to Jesus Christ that my boyfriend’s surgery in Finland will be a success and that the cancer has not spread so that he does not need to go for any radiotherapy or chemotherapy after the surgery.

7. Dear Mother Mary, please help my mum who is ailing. Make her feel joy and happiness in her last days. I am also going through a difficult time in my marriage. Please help me overcome these difficult moments in my life.

8. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, my younger son has Attention Deficit Disorder. Please help him in his studies and also for a job after that.

9. Many years ago, the doctors found that the blockage in my heart arteries was 30 percent and I am due for a CT Scan. I ask for your intercession and prayer that there will be no irregularities or further blockages in the arteries.

10. Mother Mary, my wife is highly stressed and always feeling very anxious. This has resulted in her not behaving normally and has affected her daily functioning. I would like to pray for her speedy recovery so that she will be back to her normal self.

11. Please grant safety and good health to my son and his wife as they travel to Portugal to visit your shrine at Fatima.

12. My PSLE is coming soon. I would like to go to a good secondary school.