Petitions – 12 November 2022

1. Dear Mother, please pray and intercede for my son as he is sitting for his ‘O’ Level examination.

2. Mother Mary, please intercede to your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord to heal a friend who is diagnosed with lupus. Mother Mary, I pray that our Lord will have mercy on her and heal her.

3. I seek your intercession for our financial situation and our relationship as a couple. We also pray for our departed family members.

4. I pray that my daughter will sign the contract with the company with a better financial agreement. That she’ll enjoy working in this new organisation with good colleagues and will be able to cope well.

5. Dearest Mother, the father of my godson has been diagnosed with a host of illnesses and these have affected the quality of his life quite significantly. Please intercede on his behalf.

6. Please pray for my aunt who is suffering from peritoneum and colon cancer. She is now on chemotherapy. Please pray for her to recover completely and may God restore her to full health.

7. Mother of Perpetual Help, bless my husband on his 56th birthday with good health, spiritual growth. Bless him with patience, wisdom and long life.

8. Please intercede for us that our son’s behaviour may improve. Fill us with your grace that we may have the wisdom to manage our challenges.