Petitions – 12 August 2023

1. My father, who is now in a sheltered home, has requested prayers for his well-being. He is praying for help to prevent his left eye deteriorating further as his other eye is totally blind.

2. Dear Mother, I am praying for a friend who has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, depression and early dementia. Please intercede for her and her family.

3. Mother Mary please pray for my husband who has been stationed overseas for the last 4 years on business. It has been a huge struggle to maintain the business.

4. Mother, I humbly ask for your intercession to help me pass my exam this year.

5. Please help restore peace in our family. May my husband soften his heart and return to God.

6. Dear Mother, please intercede for my husband who is currently facing a court case. He is a first-time offender and it was a moment of folly on his part.

7. Dear Mother Mary, I am writing to you seeking your help to assist my daughter who is studying overseas. She is in the third year now but she is still struggling to adapt to a foreign country and school.

8. Please pray for my friend’s grandma who is 90 years old.

9. Dear Mother Mary, please help my grand-daughter and grand-son to be successful in their job interviews.