Petitions – 11 September 2021

1. The discrimination that I have been experiencing at work has made me very insecure and restless. I tried applying but failed to get another job. Mother, please help me.

2. My 80-year old mother is going for her vaccine injection tomorrow. We ask for your prayer that she will not experience any adverse side effects. We trust in your powerful intercession, dear Mother.

3. Please pray for the healing of my niece who has been tested positive for covid-19. Please pray for her healing, and also for protection for all my relatives who are staying with her in the same house.

4. Please pray for my friend, a single mother, as she goes for a major surgery. She is the only kin that her son has left now. Please help them, Mother.

5. I beg your intercession for my brother, who fell victim to a scam. Please pray that our family will remain strong and intact.

6. My husband confessed to me that he has to report to a police station next week. Please intercede to your Son, Jesus, for mercy on my husband and our family. This matter has affected my entire family. Mother, please help us.

7. Please pray for my children that they will find meaning and purpose in their studies and that they will work hard in ways that would be pleasing to God. Please also intercede for students who are facing anxiety and are struggling academically. I pray for their teachers and parents as well, especially those who are having a hard time due to the pandemic.

8. Please pray for me that God will give me wisdom and guidance as I continue to discern my relationship with my boyfriend.

9. Please pray for me during my moments of loneliness, depression and anxiety as I begin life as an undergraduate.

10. Please help my husband and I to discern if it is God’s Will for us to adopt a child. We are blessed with a child of our own. Please pray for us to make the right decision.