Petitions – 11 Nov 2017

  1. I pray that next year when I go to Upper Secondary, I will do well in my studies.
  2. May there be peace in the world and that there will be no more wars.
  3. Mother, please pray for my friend whose husband has left her after many years. She is lost and alone.
  4. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colorectal cancer and I have been going for chemotherapy for 6 years. I pray that one day I will be cancer free. Please intercede for me, Mother Mary.
  5. I pray for my fellow confirmants that they will not be crippled by fear but experience the love of God.
  6. Dear Mother, please intercede to your Son, Jesus, and pray for our son that he will be healed from his sleepwalking.
  7. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray for our grandmother who has limited physical mobility. Cure her depression and help her find comfort in the Catholic faith.
  8. I know I am not good in my studies but I want to do more for the poor and abandoned. Give me confidence to share the love of God with others.
  9. My relative is suffering from cancer. He has been in the hospital for 6 months and is undergoing a stem cell transplant. His family have even sold their properties to pay for his treatment. Mother, give them strength and courage.
  10. Please intercede for our parents’ visa to be extended so that they can help us look after our new born baby.