Petitions – 11 March 2023

1. Please pray for my mother-in-law. Help us to make the right decision to help her with the right treatment.

2. Dear Mother, I pray that you will intercede for my son who is facing relationship problems. Please guide him to be wise and discerning. Please protect him from all harm and evil. Most importantly, to lead him back to your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

3. Dear Mother Mary, please watch over my children and bless my family with happiness and good health.

4. Please intercede that my mother will get well soon. She has been admitted to the hospital due to severe anaemia.

5. Mother Mary, please intercede to Jesus, to heal all cancer sufferers and to ease their pain.

6. I am not a Christian but my friend has brought me to the Novena to seek peace and the courage to deal with a lot of issues I am facing in my marriage and family. My husband is insisting to divorce me after 22 years of marriage. He is not giving any chance for us to work things out and just shut me off. My daughter is in her teens and has been very rebellious and our marriage issues have made it worse. I come before you to pray for your intercession to help my marriage for reconciliation with my husband and to keep my family together. I also pray for my daughter to adjust well in her new school and for her to have an open heart towards me.

7. Dear Mother, I pray for a smooth pregnancy and for my baby to be in good health, protect him from any danger.

8. Please intercede for my daughter who is studying overseas, to settle down in school, to be contented and happy, to overcome her distress of loneliness and most of all to increase her faith and to seek the Lord in everything.

9. Dear Mother Mary, we are going through an emotional turmoil with our daughter. She just turned 24 and wanting things her way and have stopped talking to us. She has lost her faith and stopped attending Sunday Masses as well of late. This has left us very disheartened. We are finding it hard to come to terms with this.

10. Please pray for us to be blessed with a child. We are not young and have been married for almost 10 years. We have overcome many difficulties to reach this stage of our lives. We are scared of what the future holds for us and turn to you and your Son in prayer.

11. My wife is currently undergoing chemo treatment. She has completed 4 rounds of chemo with your help, now it is the 2nd part of the weekly chemo which is difficult for her at her age of 75. I come to seek your help to give her the strength and will to overcome all the pain and discomfort.

12. I lost my job during the Covid pandemic. Since then I have been looking for a job where I can make use of the talents that your Son has bestowed on me. It’s been more than 2 years since I lost my job and I am still unemployed despite sending out countless job applications. Mother Mary, please intercede for me that your Son will not abandon me in my job search and help me find gainful employment soon.