Petitions – 11 June 2022

1. We come to you on bended knees to ask for your powerful intercession in our financial needs. Our current life savings will only last us a month.

2. I humbly ask for your protection for my friend. Give her courage and strength and comfort her in her sorrow.

3. I am a recovering cancer patient. With God’s grace, I have completed my surgery and post-surgery treatment. However, I am having constant anxiety of my cancer recurring. I am trying to keep my emotions in check that I don’t over react thereby alarming my family.

4. My son is sitting for his year 2 university exams. Please intercede and bless him with a successful and smooth examination.

5. My friend is going through a severe anxiety and depression due to family and personal issues. He has lost a lot of weight and is unable to focus on work.

6. I pray for the health of my parents. I pray that my dad’s cancer does not cause him too much suffering. I pray that my mum will be strong enough to manage the situation.

7. My daughter has been inspired to become a doctor over the years, especially after her grandfather’s cancer diagnosis. She recently been offered a place on the university’s wait list. I pray that she will eventually be offered a place to study medicine and eventually become a doctor.

8. Please help to pray for a good friend of mine who recently started using drugs and is surrounded by people doing drugs. Please provide a way for me to help and a way for my friend to get rid of the habit and bad company.