Petitions – 11 Jul 2020

1. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, please intercede for my niece who is living in UK, is suffering from a collar bone injury. As per the doctor’s advice she’ll undergoing a surgery and thereafter she will go for physiotherapy. Mother Mary, please pray for her to your Son, Lord Jesus to heal her.

2. Dear Mother Mary, please intercede for my family that we may reconcile with one another in peace and forgiveness.

3. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, kindly intercede for my brother who is having an eye complication. Mother dear, I pray that your loving Son Jesus may take away the tiredness from his eyes completely and resume his duties as a doctor.

4. Mother Mary, I pray especially for my friends and relatives who lost their jobs are burdened financially and emotionally. Mother, pray that our Lord Jesus may continue to strengthen them and give them hope. We always believe that you will guide us through all the trials in our life.

5. Dearest Mother, we ask your intercession to pray for my brother who is still in coma. Mother we ask that you will be with him and his family so that they fight this battle and win this battle together.

6. Dear Mother, thank you for interceding during this darkest hour. Please continue to pray for our health and jobs during this uncertain time.