Petitions – 11 Jan 2020

  1. My son has been mixing with wrong company. He never listens and always wants to do things his ways. We have tried counselling him and he only listens for a while. He has no interest in studies and is always going out with friends and getting himself into trouble. Please I beg you, Mother Mary, pray for him and make him a better person.


  1. My dearest Mother of Perpetual Succour, I am at a lost. My mum suffered a stroke and my two children are always thinking of committing suicide. I do not know what to do. I am suffering from glaucoma and both my legs are weak. Please help me to find peace.


  1. My daughter was having contractions yesterday and was sent to the hospital. The baby is not in the right position now and the gynae is doing a C-sect for her. Mother Mary, please intercede for her.


  1. My friend’s 14 year-old daughter is suffering from Anorexia and on Christmas Day, she broke down at the thought of spending Christmas at an unfamiliar place. She went into a foetal position under her bed and cried all day. Please help her in her recovery so that she may be a confident girl again.


  1. Please intercede for healing and conversion in my marriage and family. I pray that we can guide our sons onto the right path.


  1. I humbly pray for your intercession that I may obtain a permanent residence status in Singapore. Please pray for me as I am preparing the documents to submit the application.


  1. My friend is facing great pressure having experienced many rejections. She has lost her confidence and self-esteem. Please help her to persevere.


  1. Please intercede for my son to give him wisdom to make wise decisions to overcome his addictions in drinking and smoking. Guide him in his work as he has been given a second chance and heal him in areas that he needs healing.


  1. I am not a Catholic but I have been going to Novena for the past 40 years. I always believe that you can intercede and help my husband to secure a good job.


  1. Please bless my friend who has met with an accident in Ipoh last month. He used to be a Catholic but left the Church. Please pray for him to see the truth and love of God through me and return to the Church. He is going through depression. Please bless him with safety and good health and may he be filled with your Motherly Love and God’s blessings.


  1. My mother has arthritis of her knees for many years but she avoided surgery as she did not wish to go through the pain and inconvenience. Recently the pain became unbearable and after consulting the doctor, he advised her that a total knee replacement surgery was still an option for her despite her advanced age as long as the medical screening confirms that she is fit for surgery. She is now scheduled to have the operation this week. We seek your blessings for a successful operation and bless her body and mind as she goes through this painful and challenging phase of her life.


  1. I pray for my dad who is facing financial difficulties. He is trying his best to clear off his debts. I pray for him to get through this difficult time.


  1. I will be going for my operation for breast cancer. Please pray that the operation will be successful and I will have a speedy recovery.


  1. Mother, I took over an optical shop business recently and business is my passion. Unfortunately, things are not going well. Business is very slow and it’s very worrying. The sales revenue can barely cover rental, staff salary and other overheads. I do not know what else to do. Mother, please intercede for me.


  1. Mother Mary, please pray for Australia as the forest fires are burning fiercely. They not only affect the people staying there, but also affect the wild life and animals too.