Petitions – 11 February 2023

1. I will be going for a biopsy in March. Please be with the surgeon and I pray for positive results. Please calm my mind and ease my anxiety as the date draws nearer.

2. Please pray for my husband and me that we will be able to conceive a child soon. I will be undergoing some treatment and I am praying for a success.

3. Dear Mother, please intercede for my mum who is currently suffering from a severe infection. Pray that the medication works for her and there’ll be no side effects.

4. I am writing to you with a heavy heart. My desire to be baptised is filled with challenges. Mother, I know you have heard and seen my sorrows. Please intercede for me and show me the way and give me a sign whether to proceed with baptism or not.

5. My mum has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please keep her in prayer.

6. I pray for reconciliation in the family between my parents and my brother. I am always caught in between them and I pray that I can find comfort in you and see this through until things are sorted out among them.

7. I am praying for my sister who is having a relapse of cancer. I pray for good news from her doctor after her CT Scan that there will be no more cancer cells.

8. Please save my marriage and family. I am completely broken.

9. Dear Mother, please help my husband to secure a suitable job where he can prove his ability and grow in his career.

10. Please continue to pray for my grand-children and children that they continue to go to Church and have faith in you.

11. Please keep my domestic helper in prayer that she will have a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery.