Petitions – 11 December 2021

1. Please pray to our Lord for a miraculous healing of my friend who is suffering from cancer and has been given only a few months to live.

2. I humbly ask for your intercession to pray for a friend of mine who will be going through a court case tomorrow. I entrust him into your care, Mother. Please pray that God will grant him mercy.

3. We have been looking for a tenant for our apartment since March 2020. The apartment is now almost 9 months vacant. Please intercede to our Lord for us so that we can have some rental income as soon as possible.

4. I have been having suicidal thoughts for more than six months. Thankfully, due to my faith, I resisted. I am longing for peace in the midst of all these disturbances in me.

5. I have not seen my parents for three years due to the pandemic. Now that Singapore has opened up travels to India, I hope to be able to go back and celebrate Christmas with my parents and in-laws.

6. There is glass fragment embedded in the sole of my foot. I have an appointment to see the Orthopaedic surgeon on Monday. Please intercede to Jesus for me to get a date for the removal of the glass fragment.

7. My sister has been extremely stressed at work. Although she wants to resign, she feels compelled to stay on because she has no other option. Please intercede to our Lord that a new door will be opened for her if it is in accordance with God’s will.

8. I ask you once again to intercede to Our Lord for a job offer for me in Dublin so that I can start a new life there with my wife.

9. Please intercede to our Lord that my son’s PSLE results will be favourable so that he can enter a good school.

10. Throughout 34 years of married life, you and your heavenly Son have guided us through good times and bad times. However, now that our children have grown up and moved out, my wife has fallen into depression and is going through a tough time. I seek your powerful intercession to pull her through in this trying period.