Petitions – 10 Oct 2020

1. Please pray for me to overcome my anxiety problems.

2. Please intercede for my son to be able to find a permanent job soon. He has lost his job due to the pandemic.

3. The Covid-19 virus is affecting almost all the countries in the world and people are dying every day. I pray for a quick end to this horrible virus, Mother.

4. Please intercede for my spouse and me. Please remove all negative thoughts from us, soften our hearts and lead us back to each other. Please heal our wounds and strengthen our marriage.

5. The mother of our son’s friend was diagnosed with cancer recently. Please pray for her and intercede to your Son to heal her completely. And also pray that her family will be comforted during this time.

6. I lift up my youngest daughter’s studies to you. Mother, please pray and guide her, help her to do well in her ‘A’ Levels and be able to enter a good university.