Petitions – 10 Mar 2018

1.  My family is going through pain and division now. Due to events in the past my husband cannot forget and forgive me. He has now refused to talk to me and waiting to get a divorce. I ask dear Mother, to intercede for my family and pray that our Lord will bring healing and forgiveness to us.



2.  I am currently unemployed and I am worried. Please intercede for me.



3.  Please pray for my daughter-in-law’s mother. She is suffering from a mental breakdown. Please guide the doctors to find the right medication for her.



4.  Please help my classmate’s mother as she has breast cancer. Please intercede for her to get well.



5.  Please pray for my father that he will get a new job and be posted overseas to work and I would be able to follow him.



6.  Dear Mother Mary, I pray to you to help my daughter to clear all her negative thoughts and go back to school.



7.  My blessed Mother, I ask that my granddaughter be able to overcome her shyness in school that she may find confidence to talk and participate in school.



8. Dear Mother Mary, please bless and protect my marriage. Open our hearts to accept what is given to us and bless our relationship to be stronger and that we sacrifice more for each other for the greater love.



9.  My eldest daughter and her husband have been applying for a HDB Flat near our home in Hougang in order to apply for the government grant. Mother, please pray and intercede to your Son, Lord Jesus Christ that they will receive the keys soon.

10. I kneel before you once more in ardent prayer for your intercession to look after my son, who is going through a failed marriage and has also turned away from the Church.



11.  Dearest Mother, my life is in a mess, I lost my job and money. Those used to be on talking terms with me are no longer close as I’ve lost all credibility. I have been married for 12 years but we are in a loveless marriage. Both of us think that we are not suitable for each other anymore. Please pray for me that I can proceed with the divorce in an amicably manner.