Petitions – 10 Jul 2021

1. Dear Mother, please be with my daughter who is 10 weeks pregnant and due to this pandemic we are distanced. Please protect her and the baby.

2. My 4-year-old son is very defiant towards me. He gets angry when I discipline him and sometimes physically hit or punch me. I have lost my temper with him many times and have hit him and spoken to him horribly. He cannot listen to instructions and talks back. He can be such a nice child one minute and becomes defiant the next. This is happening almost every day. I really don’t know what to do and have cried over this many times. Please help me to be a better parent, to understand his needs.

3. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, please intercede for my son to return to God with his whole heart and enable him to become a new person in Christ.

4. Dear Mother Mary, please protect and pray for my sister-in-law who is suffering from blood cancer. Please heal and strengthen her.

5. Please intercede for me and my wife. We have been trying to conceive without any success. May the Lord Jesus Christ grant us a baby soon.

6. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, I am getting married in August in India but the current situation is not conducive to go back to my homeland. I pray that my company will grant me the leave and my marriage will go on without any obstacles and I will be able to return to work thereafter.