Petitions – 10 December 2022

1. Mother of Perpetual Help, I pray for your intercession to heal me from cancer. Mother, I pray that you stay with me when my heart and mind is filled with doubt and fear.

2. Please continue to intercede for my son to do well in his studies and not to fall into bad company or be involved in anything that is not good in the sight of your Son, Jesus.

3. Dear Mother, I’m in dire straits and need your help in lifting my trading so that I can do well to provide for our temporal needs while on earth. Please guide and show me the way out through all these issues we face in our family.

4. My beloved Mother of Perpetual Help, please pray to our Lord Jesus to intercede for my cousin and her husband to be blessed with a child.

5. Dear Mother, please pray for my son who will be getting married in December. Mother, pray that Jesus will embrace them with His love and grace and bless their union.

6. Dear Mother Mary, I wish to place a petition for my helper who has abnormal readings in a recent MRI scan. Mother, pray that she will be healthy and well.

7. Dearest Mother, I pray for strength and courage to overcome all the uncertainties in the coming months. I also pray for guidance to be a good mother, focusing on my kids’ needs and not my wants.

8. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, please intercede for my friend’s mother who has incurred a very huge debt and this debt has caused a great burden on the family.

9. Please pray for my friend’s elder son who has left home without informing her of his whereabouts. Intercede for this family’s hurts and unforgiveness to be healed.

10. Dear Mother, please pray for my family and the blessing of a new home. I pray that the renovation works on the place we are taking over will be smooth and without major setbacks and that we may move into a place of our own with peace, harmony and good health.

11. Dear Mother Mary, I started a new job recently and I am overwhelmed and stressed. My mind is always filled with work issues. Please intercede for me and grant me the grace to learn and absorb quickly.

12. Mother of Perpetual Help, please pray for my father’s upcoming surgery to go well.

13. Mother Mary, I am praying for health, conversion and the protection for my sister and her family.

14. Dear Mother Mary, please intercede for the recovery and healing of my mother from depression.

15. Dear Mother of Perpetual help, we pray to you for my brother and his family. They are going through unbearable difficulties. Please help them and bring them into your blessed path and way of life.

16. Dearest Mother Mary, I pray for a smooth pregnancy and for my baby to grow healthy.

17. Mother, I pray for my son to be well and that he will recover soon from his sickness. I pray for all the results to be well and good.

18. Dear Mother of Perpetual help, I finally received a good job offer that is convenient for me. I pray that I will not be nervous in the interview and I pray for the wisdom and knowledge of God to answer the questions and be confident in the way I present myself.