Petitions – 10 Aug 2019

  1. Dear Mother Mary, please bless the relationship of my son and his girlfriend.


  1. My new helper will arrive next month, I pray that she will be the right helper for our family.


  1. My friend and I have distanced ourselves after we had a heated argument recently and I feel horrible about it. Please salvage our friendship and bring things back to the way we were.


  1. My husband wishes to tour the world on his bike, please bless and guide him in his planning.


  1. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease since 2014 and have been on medication since then. There has been no improvement in my condition over the years. The doctor suggested to me to take the radioiodine as it will stabilize my condition and it is not good for health if I am taking long term medication. Please intercede for me, for nothing is impossible with God.


  1. Please pray for my daughter who is facing a lot of competition in her working place. She finally got a job after being jobless for 2 years through your intercession. I pray that she will be able to overcome all the issues that are happening in her office.


  1. My son and his wife are having problems in their marriage. I am worried and stressed out after hearing it. Mother, please intercede for them to your loving Son, Jesus Christ, so that they can resolve their differences and continue to lead a happy marriage.