Petitions – 1 Sep 2018

  1. Dearest Mother, please pray that my maid will be honest in her daily work and to be patient with my aged parents.


  1. Please intercede for me that I may find the grace to be more accepting of others, yet not compromising who I am and what I hold to be true. Teach me your gentle and humble ways so that I may come to love others more perfectly.


  1. Dear Mother, kindly help my daughter who has been suffering from a hormonal imbalance for years.


  1. I have been struggling and suicidal thoughts have plagued me from time to time. Please help me, Mother, to be at peace with myself.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, my younger daughter’s boyfriend graduated in November 2016. He has sent in many job applications and has not been successful. Mother, please continue to pray and intercede for him.


  1. Please pray for my cousin’s speedy recovery. He is in coma at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Please grant him another chance to survive and to be with his family.


  1. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray that I will be able to live a fruitful and meaningful life, to find a suitable job and to help those who are in need.


  1. Please ask Jesus, our Lord, to help our son who is in Secondary School. He is constantly distracted and not focusing on his studies. He has also been lying to us and ignored our advice.


  1. Dearest Mother, my wife has leukaemia and has finished her 1st cycle of chemotherapy. She will continue her 2nd cycle soon, followed by a stem cell transplant. Please pray that she will be well with the treatment without any complication.