Petitions – 1 July 2023

1. Please pray for my child to grow in wisdom and holiness. He is taking his PSLE this year. Help him to use his time well.

2. Mother Mary, I left my job 5 months ago because I was being exploited by my employer. I have to look after my mother who has dementia. Please pray with me and for me to find a suitable job with a compassionate employer.

3. I am praying that my husband’s work contract will be renewed in July as we need to settle down in Singapore as a family.

4. Please intercede for my friend – a man of faith and who has a beautiful soul yet he carries a sorrow in his heart. May he find light and joy in his life.

5. Mother, please be with my daughter who is doing her studies part-time and is holding a full-time job in a hospital. Bless her and guide her as she goes through these two challenges.

6. Dear Mother, it is with a heavy heart that I write this petition to you for my son who is going through a serious financial predicament. Please help him with your prayers.

7. I’ve had an operation for a cancerous growth in my colon. I pray that the cancer will not occur again.

8. My daughter plans to go to a drama school. If it is God’s will, may she be successful in her application.

9. Mother, ask Jesus to have mercy on me as I have suffered a stroke and am unable to use my right hand.

10. The last month has seen a lot of changes in my family. Although it feels uncomfortable to go through these changes, I trust that Jesus will give us the strength to adapt to them.