Petitions – 1 January 2022

1. Please pray for my friend in hospital. She needs your love and intercession. Be with her and her husband as they see the doctors and hopefully will receive some good news.

2. Dearest Mother, please intercede for my 3rd brother to be out from ICU.

3. May I humbly ask once again for my partner to get the job contract at his current workplace as he has been really worried about not getting the job.

4. Dear Mother, please pray for the blessing and protection of my daughter. May she have the right responsible soulmate to take care and protect her.

5. Please intercede for my daughter to select the right modules for her next semester. Pray that she will have good professors and classmates.

6. I need your help to find another job urgently. I am the sole breadwinner, pregnant with our fourth child and my boss has just asked me to go and find another job.

7. Please intercede for me as I am experiencing many difficulties at work.

8. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, I am currently facing a court case. Please be me.

9. I am scheduled for Covid booster this weekend, please pray for me to be safe.         

10. Dear Mother, please keep me positive and strong to get over this hurdle.