Petitions 1 Feb 2020

  1. I had some rough patches with my husband who threatens to break up especially when he has had too many drinks. I hope that through your intercession, he will be able to quit drinking and also drop the idea of separation.


  1. I seek your intercession on behalf of someone who was diagnosed with brain tumour.


  1. Please pray for me that the Lord will help me live a pure, holy and chaste life.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, 6 months have passed and I am still jobless. Please intercede for me so that I can be employed again.


  1. I have been attacked by several illnesses and feeling very uncomfortable and uneasy. I pray for your intercession for my healing. Please grant me strength and complete healing.


  1. My family received some worrying news. My daughter-in-law had a scan yesterday and the baby is at a high risk of suffering from Down Syndrome. Please pray for both mum and child.


  1. Please pray for my husband’s change of heart and the healing of our marriage.


  1. We thank you for today’s successful operation on my mum. May your healing power be upon her and we pray for a good and positive medical result.


  1. Please help me in my life right now as I am overwhelmed with many things happening around me.


  1. Due to my retrenchment at the age of 57, my family and I have a great trouble making ends meet. I seek your intercession for a financial breakthrough.


  1. Please protect everyone from the ongoing virus.


  1. Dear Mother, please help my daughter through this relationship and if he is the right person in her life.


  1. Please bring my son back to Church. Help him overcome his hurt over the separation in his marriage.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, please intercede for my son’s career. He is unsure if he can stay on in his course in the air force due to his OCD. I pray for God’s guidance for his career path.