Petitions – 1 Aug 2020

1. Mother Mary, please intercede for me. I have been jobless since March and I really need a job. Please help me to support my family.

2. Mother of Perpetual Help, I will be delivering my baby next week, please pray for me that I will have a safe delivery. Please guide my doctor and all the nurses and I pray that my baby will be healthy.  

3. Dear Mother Mary, kindly intercede for my son. He suffers from anxiety and refuses to go to school. He is taking his O levels in the next few months. Mother, please guide him through this difficult period.

4. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, due to COVID-19, it seems like everything I worked towards for the past two years has been for nothing. I feel lost and angry at God. Please, help me to heal, help me to forgive so that I may continue to place my faith in God. Help me to trust that perhaps, the good Lord has better plans in mind for me.

5. Dear Mother Mary Please intercede for my sister who will be going for surgery to remove a tumour in her colon and liver. Please give her strength and may her operation be successful.

6. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray for my daughter, that our Lord will grant her strength and courage to live life to the fullest especially in her battle against anorexia nervosa.

7. Dear Mother Mary, I am almost 34 weeks pregnant and just found out I am positive for COVID-19. I pray that you protect my daughter, in my womb. Keep her safe.