Petitions – 23 June 2018

  1. Dearest Mother Mary, my husband is currently unemployed and I am the sole breadwinner. We have two boys and I am praying every day for him to get a job, please intercede for us in this difficult time.


  1. Mother of Perpetual Help, please intercede for me in my application for a work permit to Canada. I hope everything will be perfect and the work permit will be approved. Help me, dear Mother.


  1. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, I know I’ve asked you many times but I humbly beg you to intercede for my son to clear his CPA exams which will be in 10 days time. Please guide and protect him. Help him to do well in his exams as I trust in your intercession.


  1. Dearest Mother Mary, I am scared and worried because of what the doctors have found wrong in me. I don’t understand why these things are happening to me. I find it difficult to pray. Please intercede for me so that the doctors will be guided to make good decisions.


  1. Dear Mother, I am having stress at work and at home. I pray for my husband for he is lost and confused, he has not been faithful and wants a divorce and now he is also unhappy with God. I pray that the situation will improve. I know that nothing is impossible with God.


  1. Dear Blessed Mother Mary, recently I had applied for a built-to-order HDB flat. I pray that I will be successful in the balloting exercise to purchase a two-room flat for the first time.


  1. Dear our Lady of Perpetual Help, please bless my grandson with the grace to be kind and compassionate to his father who doesn’t have a good job as he was born with Cerebral damage. Please also intercede for my grandson that the holy spirit will help him in his studies.


  1. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, I will be going for a prostate test. Please intercede to the Lord, Jesus Christ, that everything will be normal and that it is not cancerous.


  1. Dearest Mother Mary, please help my son to succeed in selling his company and return to Singapore.


  1. Dearest Mother, please help my husband to return to your Son, Jesus.