Petition – 13 Jan 2018

  1. I am praying for my brother that he may find work here in Singapore and for my partner that her tumour will not lead to any serious disease.


  1. Please bless my partner and me with a child. Please help us to conceive and give birth to a happy and healthy baby.


  1. I pray earnestly and sincerely for a God-loving and God-fearing Catholic life partner.


  1. A good friend of mine has just been diagnosed with cancer in his stomach. He is undergoing chemotherapy. Please help to intercede to your Son, Jesus, to cure his cancer.


  1. My son has been deeply affected by his father’s death. I pray that he will continue his studies after a 2-year break. Please guide him, dear Mother Mary.


  1. My daughter has just got married and has recently discovered a cyst in her right ovary. Please pray for her, Mother Mary, that it is benign and treatable.


  1. Please pray and intercede for my younger daughter to get a full-time employment of her choice. She has submitted numerous resumes and has till now been unsuccessful.


  1. My wife has a hearing problem in both ears. Mother, pray and intercede to your Son, Lord Jesus Christ, to bless her with a speedy and full recovery.


  1. Please help me and my loved ones to overcome our financial burdens during this time. Mother, we ask for your guidance and assistance.


  1. I have been struggling with feelings of stress, sadness and hopelessness at work, I feel lost, overwhelmed and trapped in my job. Please intercede for me to bear my sufferings with hope and to be able to discern if God wants me to remain in my current job.