Services (Mass and Devotion) for the Vaccinated & PET-verified.

In August, we will be providing services catering to 100 vaccinated, or PET-verified worshippers at these timings:

  1. Saturday Novena Devotion 12:00PM
  2. Sunday Mass 12:00PM
  3. Sunday Mass 5:30PM

For all other service timings for Devotions, and Masses, capacity remains at 50

Who is eligible to attend services for the Vaccinated & PET-verified?

Please only book for these services for the Vaccinated and PET-verified, if you

  • have completed 2 doses of vaccination, and
  • have crossed the 14th day after your 2nd dose, at the start of the service,


  • alternatively, have done your own Pre-Event Test (PET) at MOH-approved clinics, and bring along a copy of your test results for verification. The results need to be valid till the end of the church service.
  • Please note the validity of your Negative PET COVID-19 test result is 24 hours from the time you were registered in-person at the testing premise. As a guide, please refer to the following recommended PET test times

  • Saturday 12pm Devotion – Please register for PET from Friday 1pm (the day before)
  • Sunday 12pm Mass – Please register for PET from Saturday 1pm (the day before)
  • Sunday 5:30pm Mass – Please register for PET from Saturday 6:30pm (the day before)

You may check your TraceTogether app to find out your vaccination status.

Only vaccinations done under the National Vaccination Program will be recognized (i.e., Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty or Moderna).

Do note that you will be refused entry, if you have not yet completed the 2 doses of vaccination, or have not crossed the 14th day after your 2nd vaccination, or do not have a valid PET result on the day of the Devotion or Mass.

Pre-Event Test (PET)

There are 2 types of Pre-Event Tests (PET): Antigen Rapid Test (ART) and a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test. PCR test results can take up to 48 hours, while ART test results are typically available after 30 minutes. Please take note of these differences.

For more information on vaccinations and PET, please visit:

  3. List of MOH-approved Covid-19 test providers: