Petitions – 15 Dec 2018

    1. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray that my daughter will do well for her O Levels and get into the JC or Polytechnic of her choice.


    1. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, my mother-in-law has been told yesterday that she needs a pacemaker. Please intercede for her and give her the strength and confidence to go through the surgery.


    1. Dearest Mother Mary, please take care of us during our family trip to Bhutan. Keep us safe and happy.


    1. Dear Mother, I have had severe eczema all over my body. It is affecting me mentally and emotionally, too. Please grant me healing and let me live like a normal teenager.


    1. Dearest Mother Mary, we have been married for 27 years but my relationship with my husband has been strained for many years. There is lack of meaningful communication between us. Mother, please pray for us.


    1. Dear Mother, I am currently experiencing a lot of stress in university and suffering from an eating disorder. Please pray that I can overcome my fear of failure and my eating disorder.


    1. Dear Mother, I am faced with the possibility of losing my scholarship and paying a huge sum of money. Please pray for me that the situation may be resolved and that I may stay close to God whatever the outcome.


    1. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, I pray for my family’s financial stability as we are going through a rough time and definitely need your intercession.


    1. Dearest Mother, my working relationship with my colleague have gone from good to very bad and she has turned aggressive towards me. Please intercede and help us to heal our relationship.


    1. Dear Mama Mary, my husband is a gambler and womaniser and is also ruining my son’s life. My young son even abuses me physically and verbally. Please bring my husband back to church and calm my son.