Thanksgiving – 6 Mar 2021

1. Dearest Mother,

I think I have written before but I am thankful every day that Jesus has given a new lease of life to my nephew; for giving him a kidney. I need to say a big thank you on his behalf. Thank you also for a successful operation and I believe you will keep him in good health.

Your Loving Daughter.

2. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

I am so thankful to have rediscovered the online Novena Devotion. I used to attend every Saturday when I lived in Singapore back in 2019. I thank you, my dear Mother, for all the blessings you have given to me and my loved ones. Your guidance has helped us through all our tribulations. I thank you for all the blessings and I know you will always guide and protect us. I am also thankful that I am able to experience your presence and the presence of the Lord through the online devotion.

Your Daughter.

3. Dear Mother Mary,

It has been quite a while since I wrote a thanksgiving to you. Thank you for being with me every day and for correcting me in so many ways and teaching me so many things. I am actually grateful for the past year because I could spend more time with Jesus and you. When I have problems, I will always pray to you and you are always there telling me what I should do. I first went to Novena Church when I was 16 but I was not so regular. And when I had my children, I took them to the Novena and started going regularly. Mother, thank you for loving all of us.

Your Grateful Daughter.

4. Dearest Mother Mary,

I received a call inviting me for a second and final round of an interview for a job. I thought it was not possible since I did not manage to complete all the questions on time during the first round of an online appraisal interview. Thank you for always interceding to your Son, Jesus, for me.

Your Loving Son.

5. Dearest Mother,

I am truly grateful for your intercession and protecting me from harm. I was in a traffic collision two weeks ago. It was a scary experience and I could have died. But miraculously you kept me safe from injury and I emerged unscathed. I thank the Lord, Jesus, for giving me the grace to heal and recover mentally and that I am now able to drive again. Mother, you have always been there to protect me. Thank you for your unfailing love and care.

Your Grateful Daughter.

6. Dear Mother Mary,

I have not written for a while but Mother you never cease to bless us and our family. I want to thank you for the gift of time with my family especially time well spent doing things we love together and time spent talking about God. When I first began my journey of conversion, I could scarcely imagine how I would teach my children or even convince my spouse to join me in the RCIA. Yet, as of today, through your intercession, we are all looking forward to being baptised and my eldest child even wants to be an altar server here at Novena Church. I want to thank you also for the medical miracles that baffle our doctors. In previous letters, I had thanked you for healing my wife’s heart which was afflicted with a serious heart-lung condition known as pulmonary hypertension. We did another annual scan today and her doctor informed us that her heart has returned to normal and that she is the only patient that our doctor has seen to make a recovery from this condition. As for my children, they continue to live happy, carefree lives despite all of them being afflicted by the same genetic condition. My eldest son responded well to his treatment and I continue to pray for your intercession for him to grow visibly taller, stronger and healthier every day.

Your Grateful Son.

7. Dear Mother Mary,

This is an overdue letter to thank you for your prayers. The past year had been a challenging one; many lost their jobs and many contracted the virus. We pray for those affected by the pandemic. I took up a new job at the end of 2019, just as the pandemic started. By March 2020, the company was reducing staff and by April, as part of the management team, we were taking a furlough. We sold out apartment in early 2020 and was to move into our new flat by June. However the renovations were delayed but we finally were able to move in by August. I prayed to you Mother, that I will not be badly affected and you were there for us. Throughout this period, we received God’s grace, I still have my job and we moved into a beautifully renovated flat. Thank you, dear Mother, for your prayers and intercession.

Your Loving Son.

8. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

We want to sincerely thank you for helping our family to get through a difficult period last year. In financial distress, we came to you and placed our trust in you. Through your prayers and intercession, my husband managed to secure a good job and we are now trying to clear our debts and restore our financial reserves. Please continue to pray for our family and for my husband to be blessed with good health, strength and wisdom to do well in his job and to support our family.

Your Loving Children.