Thanksgiving – 5 Jun 2021

1. Dearest Mother,

Thank you for answering my prayers. I have gained admission to NUS Medicine and am certain that this is the calling you have granted me to pursue. I pray that I will be grounded in humility while soaking in this piece of news, while always remembering to be grateful to your son Jesus and to you. And I hope to become a great doctor one day serving the sick.

Your Loving Catholic Son.

2. Dear Mother,

This letter is long overdue. When the lockdown happened early last year, I suffered a heart attack. With all the restrictions amidst the lock-down it was made more difficult. I was hospitalised and underwent a bypass operation. My family prayed for your intercession to Jesus at home because Novena Church was also locked down. The operation was a success and my family could not visit me for a time, but later my wife was allowed but only briefly. We were very grateful to the doctors and rightly so but had forgotten to thank Jesus and you. I felt like I was one of the nine lepers who did not return to thank Jesus. But I believe it’s never too late. Thanks to you Mother and your Son from the bottom of my heart.

Your Ever-Grateful Son.

3. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for your intercession for my friend’s son who injured his hand and is now healed completely. And thank you for keeping my brother and his family and my parents safe back from India in the midst of the Covid crisis. Please continue to keep them under your care.

Your Loving Daughter.

4. Dearest Mother,

About two months ago I wrote a petition to seek your help for our granddaughter who had a problem speaking. She is two and a half years old. Today, she has started speaking and has quite a wide vocabulary. This is possible because of your help dear Mother. In the same petition I asked for your intercession to bring our son back to the faith. It has happened and he has returned to the faith. Thank you once again for your intercession to your Son, Jesus.

Your Grateful Child.

5. Dearest Mother of God,

Thank you so much for your intercession to Jesus, for my daughter and answering my prayers. She has been granted a job offer. This would not have been possible without your prayers to Jesus and for being there for us. I am very grateful to you for always hearing my cries and the many intersessions for my family and friends. May you continue to intercede for her to have good friends who will provide good guidance.

Your Grateful Daughter.

6. Dearest Mother Mary,

It has been more than a year since my husband and I separated. Despite this, you have continuously guided and blessed me. Thank you for sending your guardian angels to help me get through everything. Thank you for the peace and contentment that I am feeling right now. And most especially, thank you for helping me forgive myself.

Your Loving Daughter.

7. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for interceding to your Son, Jesus. I asked you to help me some weeks ago for a job, which I lost some months earlier. I applied for a number of jobs but was to no avail. But after asking for your help, I went for an interview for a job I liked.  A day after the interview the company called me and said that I got the job. I am most grateful. Thank you once again.

Your Daughter.