Thanksgiving – 27 Mar 2021

1. Mother dearest,

I would like to thank you for the Covid that has made me a better person. I used to splurge on bars and taxis and mixed around freely. Now that I’m restricted from going out, I’m able to spend my time usefully. I even have the means now to give to charity. Thank you with all my heart.

Your Loving Daughter.

2. Dear Mother of Perpetual Succour,

Thank you for interceding with Jesus, your Son, for my second brother to have a safe operation to treat his prostate cancer. The operation was 5 hours long but he came through it successfully. Now he is healing but it will be a slow recovery process that he has to go through.

Your Grateful Daughter.

3. Dear Mother Mary,

Thank you so much for interceding for us to Jesus. I have not written any thanksgiving letters to you these days as it is online. But 2 weeks back I had written a petition as my brother was preparing for his IELTS exam and he could not clear the exam in the first 2 attempts. Then I wrote a petition to you and asked for your help. And because of your intercession, he cleared it on the third attempt even though the exam was tougher than the first 2. Thank you, Mother for interceding to Jesus.

Your Daughter.

4. My Dearest Mother,

Thank you very much for your intercession. God has blessed me so much with a very good client and has restored my income in my business through your intercession.

Your forever grateful Catholic daughter.

5. Dearest Mother Mary,

2 months ago I wrote a petition to you asking for your prayer and intercession to help me get out of the rut I was in. I was feeling very lifeless and had no motivation nor will in life to get much done. I knew that by writing the petition, I will get better again and true enough week by week after writing the petition, I got better and today I want to say a huge THANK YOU for always being there for me to pick me up when I’m down. I write this to you today to say that I have the strength in me again to continue with my life’s journey and that I even completed my real estate examination last week. Though whatever the outcome of that examination, you have reminded me yet again (as you’ve always during my times of need) through the past 9 weeks that all I need to do is to have faith and miracles will happen. Thank you very much Mother, and I love you very much.

Your Loving Daughter.

6. Dear Mother Mary,

These past 2 weeks have been an upward mountain for me to overcome. I was almost giving up as things were not improving. It was getting from bad to worse. However, with your help, things did get better. I needed help to change the module and there were nice school staff who helped me throughout the way. Today, I’m able to start working on the 2 units. Although I have lost precious time, I am able to cope through your intercession. Thank you, Mother for helping me to think positively and not give up on myself.

Your Daughter.

7. Dear Mama Mary,

I am expressing my heartfelt gratitude for the continuous blessings that you showered upon my family in Philippines and myself here in Singapore. Thank you for all the generous people who are able to share their blessings with me by giving red packets during this CNY festivities. I never expect I received such blessings from them. Thank you for the Divine Providence. Thank you also that my small online sales went well even during this pandemic.

Your Grateful Daughter.

8. Dearest Mother,

You were there to protect me from what could have been a disastrous accident last Saturday. I lost my balance and fell backwards and as I was falling, I felt supported by your hand. I was able to stand on my feet and walked. It was a miracle indeed because x-rays were taken and they showed no broken bones. I am grateful and humbled by the great motherly love you have shown me. The accident gave me reassurance that you, Mother dearest, is always near me, to protect me, and guide me. I truly love you dearest Mother. No words can fully express my love and gratitude.

Your Child.

9. I thank you Lord and Mother Mary, for giving me this time to be a better mother for my children during my current unemployment. Although it is daunting to be out of job, I know I can spend more time with my children, and be more disciplined (no excuse) to pray more to you and you Son. I am sorry, that I have not been in deep conversation and connection with you. I am learning and I will try to pray more and do more for others.

Your Daughter.

10. Dearest Mother Mary,

I’m writing again to thank you for all your love and intercession. Thank you always for being there for me and praying for me through my cancer, for helping me to get back on my feet, and for helping me through this period when things seemed so tough. I have you by my side, and I humbly pray for your continued presence, guidance and intercession in my daily life. I love you dearest Mother, and thank you for loving me, too.

Your Daughter.

11. Dear Mother Mary,

Thank you for all your intercessions in 2020. Despite being jobless, your Son our Lord Jesus has provided for my needs through my family and some friends. I also want to thank you for being my heavenly Mother as my birthday falls on 4 March. Please continue to intercede for me in 2021 in my job search and please protect my family and loved ones from this Covid virus.

Your Grateful Daughter.