Thanksgiving – 15 May 2021

1. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

9 years back I moved to Singapore for studies and work. After completing my studies, with your intercession, I was offered a good job in Singapore. This thank you letter is overdue. You never left my side and answered my prayer with a good job offer. Thank you, Mother for being there for me when I needed you!

Your Loving Daughter.

2. My Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

I wrote to you last week to seek your intercession for the pressure and pain that I have been experiencing in my eyes. I was very afraid that it was some serious eye issue like glaucoma or muscular degeneration that may require an operation. On Tuesday I saw an eye specialist and did a series of tests. To my great relief, the doctor said that my problem was not glaucoma but dry eyes which could be treated with a medicated eye wash and eye drops. I know that it was   your loving intercession that made this possible. You have always looked after me. I am very grateful dearest Mother.

Your Catholic Daughter.

3. Dearest Mother,

I’d like to shout this out. 3 days back I had an accident at my home that could have been fatal, while I was lighting my gas stove. Due to some fault, there was a massive explosion that destroyed my home. Cupboards were thrown open, walls cracked, glass shattered and the whole neighbourhood was shocked. I found out later that the explosion could be heard from afar. The miracle is, that I was less than a few inches from the impact but was left unhurt! This is not the first time that I have been saved. Thank you, Mama Mary for being at my side.

Your Ever-Loving Son.

4. Dearest Mama Mary,

Thank you for praying for my wife who has just got baptised this Easter. Thank you to the priest, sponsors, prayer team and volunteers for journeying with her during her RCIA at Novena church. May you continue to pray with and for her faith journey.

Your Son.

5. Dearest Mother,

Thank you on behalf of my non-Catholic friend who asked me to submit her petition to your Shrine when her marriage was on the rocks. Ever since I brought her petition to your Shrine she has shared with me that there has been improvement in the relationship. She and her husband have since been working out their issues and while their marriage remains imperfect, the relationship is stable and they have decided to focus on their children. I know that this was made possible through your intercession and cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us. Please help us draw closer to Your Son Jesus.

Your Grateful Catholic Daughter.

6. Dear Mother of Perpetual Succour,

Four years ago my older son began his studies at NUS. Last week he completed his last lesson there. Thank you for interceding with Jesus to bless him so that he had a safe, meaningful and fruitful educational experience during the last four years. Please help everything to go through smoothly for his graduation ceremony and post-University life. Thank you for your kind intercession.

Your Loving Daughter.

7. Dearest Mother,

With a grateful heart I thank you for your prayers that my sister who lives in Australia whom I prayed for the last 6 months, was finally answered. She was away from the church for 15 years and was a broken person but she has come back. There was a court case against her by her employer (the hospital) over a ‘conflict of interest’. She was found to be doing business (with the hospital) while still employed there. Not being aware of this ‘conflict of interest’, she was actually trying to help her department solve the shortage of special cushions for discharged wheelchair patients. That was because the supplier of cushions suddenly died of a heart attack with no one taking over his business. That was when my sister stepped in to help as suggested by her ex-chief. It was like a “Goliath & David” case and it was reported in the news. She was so depressed and had to take medication for anxiety. I wrote to her lawyer that my simple-minded sister can’t even write proper English and needed me to help her write a Letter of Apology to the      judge. Her lawyer also suggested to ask her old colleagues and neighbours to write testimonials to   support her. When the day came to be at the court, despite the arguments between her lawyer & prosecutors, the judge gave his verdict that he pardoned my sister.  She need not be jailed nor fined. She only needed to do community service for 90 hours. It was later reduced to 75 hours. And not just that, he cleared her of the criminal record to make it easier for her to find a job. Oh! Praise the Lord for His Mercy! Dearest Mother, your Beloved Son welcomes back sinners and pardons them. You helped God gain back my sister, a lost   sheep. I am so deeply touched! I never expected the judge to have such a big heart. My sister and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Your Forever Grateful Daughters.

8. Dear Mother of Perpetual Succour,

It’s been a year since I attended your devotion at Novena Church. During this time, I had also failed to attend the weekly devotion online even though I needed to seek your intercession for an eye doctor to be available for me. A good colleague and Catholic friend of mine interceded for me over the year. I had a setback last Oct over when the cornea that I was supposed to receive had deteriorated. She continued to pray for me, bless her soul. Just last week I received news that a cornea is available to me. Because of the earlier setback I was hopeful but not optimistic. My friend asked me to be positive and leave it in your hands. I was operated successfully last Thursday. It will take a while before full vision is restored but I can see slight improvements each day. This episode made me realise how myopic I am when seeking your intercession but I was fortunate to have a good friend to pray on my behalf. It made me realise that I needed to come home to you, even if it’s online. Please look after my friend and her family always. Thank you very much Mother.

Your Loving Son.