Petitions – 6 Mar 2021

1. My friend’s husband has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Please intercede that he may have a safe operation and be healed of the tumour.

2. I received the diagnosis of breast cancer. It came as a shock to me as my recent annual health screenings, mammograms and ultrasound breast scans results were all normal. Please intercede for me that I will be healed if this cancer.

3. Dearest Mother Mary, I am writing this urgent prayer for your intercession that Myanmar, a country constantly torn by natural and man-made disasters, to be free from war and know peace, harmony, social and economic stability.

4. Please pray for my husband and I to conceive.

5. Dear Mother Mary, please intercede for me to find a path to a new career whereby I will feel passionate and less stressed.

6. Please intercede for divine healing on our 25-week old baby in my womb. We pray that he may grow healthy.

7. Dearest Mother, I ask for your help. I’ll be renting out a room in my flat. Please send me a suitable tenant.

8. Dear Mother Mary, help me as I face bankruptcy. Please do not let this affect my son and wife. I am willing to accept and make good my mistake. Please give me strength and guidance.