Petitions – 6 Feb 2021

1. My son who has a long list of physical, mental and behavioural issues applied to participate in his school OBS. Throughout his school life, he was not allowed to attend any camps due to his multiple conditions. Please intercede for him to be successful this time round so that his self-esteem will be boosted. Please help him to accept whatever outcome God has planned for him.

2. A few days ago, I did an online transaction. In my eagerness to complete the transaction, I accidentally typed in the wrong account number. I did not realise it until my friend told me that he did not receive the money. I called the bank and was told that it could take up to 2 weeks and even then I might not be able to retrieve the amount and the other party might not even respond. Please intercede for me and help me to recover my money.

3. My cousin and her husband have been trying for a child. They may not be Catholics but I pray that through your intercession and guidance, they receive good news this year.

4. Please intercede for my son, may the Lord guide him and protect him especially from Covid-19 in UK and give him the strength to set himself free from his anxiety and depression.

5. Please pray for my son who is addicted to pornography. He is also spending less time with God. I beg for your intercession that he will turn away from this addiction and be more focused on his future.

6. Please comfort my daughter and console her because of a broken relationship. Please pray that God will bless her and protect her to overcome the hurt and sadness.

7. I pray for spiritual and emotional healing for myself. I need guidance in my life, to become a better person.

8. I have been feeling lost, frustrated and helpless at work. Please help me to stay calm and get through it and that I will be able to find a new job soon.

9. I will be getting my new flat in 2 weeks since the divorce. But I still cannot afford the cash top up. Please intercede for me as I desperately need a roof over my head.

10. Please pray for my boyfriend who is struggling with certain aspects of his life. I know mentally he is drained and exhausted, I want to support him as best as I can and sometimes, I feel lost too. Please pray that we can get through this together and learn to be patient and loving towards each other.

11. I am praying for the safety, security, protection, blessings and good health for my family in the Philippines. I am also praying that my PR application will be approved.