Petitions – 5 Jun 2021

1. Mother, please intercede for my husband who will be going for his health checkup.

2. Dear Mother, I am disappointed and upset that things are getting from bad to worse. Please assist me in my needs and help me along the way.

3. Please ask your Son, Jesus, to heal me if it is His will. I have a cancerous tumor in my womb. I pray that the tumor will shrink and not spread to other parts of the body.

4. Please pray that my Godfather and his family, who all have contracted Covid. May they be healed and not affect others.

5. Mother, please intercede to Jesus for me and my family. We are in deep financial problems due to the loss of my job. Being the only bread winner and the loss of my wife who passed away recently, we need your help.

6. Dearest Mother, I humbly come before you, to offer prayers for your intercession, as the Covid cases are arising around the world. Pray that people will be more responsible in looking after themselves and others.

7. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for me and my health issues.

8. Mother Mary, through your intercession, may God heal my daughter who is suffering from an illness.