Petitions – 31 Oct 2020

1. I am having some difficulties with my marriage. Please pray for our reconciliation and for the restoration of our marriage.

2. I lost my job after working for my company for 12 years. I feel betrayed, hurt, and very upset. I have been praying the rosary every morning to ask for healing and forgiveness. Please pray for me, Mother, that I will be able to find a job soon.                                                                                            

3. I have been sick for a long time and my condition is getting worse. I have trouble being around others due to my illness. Please pray for me and my other family members who are sick so that we can do the will of God.

4. I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in February this year. After my surgery in March, I am now undergoing 16 cycles of chemotherapy. I pray for your intercession, Mother, that I will have the courage as well as the mental and physical strength to complete my last four sessions.

5. Please pray for my husband who is currently hospitalised after contracting COVID-19. He is in a critical condition, and I pray for his healing and recovery.

6. I am going for my scholarship interview today. Please intercede for me that the Lord will grant me wisdom, and that He will guide me in my interaction with the interviewers.      

7. My student visa application is on hold. Please intercede to God for the approval of my student visa so that I can enrol in the university soon.

8. Please pray and intercede for my daughter who had been hurt by her boyfriend. Please intercede for her healing.

9. I am lifting up my daughter who is preparing for her “O” level exams this year. Although she may be a bit slow academically, she is trying her best. Mother, please help her and guide her in every aspect of her life.

10. My son is 19 years old and is doing his National Service. He has not been able to sleep well in camp. He tends to talk in his sleep and has been sleep-walking. There were several occasions where his friends had to wake him up and help him to return to bed. He often feels tired during the day, and was not able to discharge his duties well. This has caused him a lot of distress and frustration. Mother, please intercede for him.

11. I seek your intercession for my daughter who is experiencing an emotional and mental breakdown. I am very worried for her, and I pray that God will help her and protect her from all harm.