Petitions – 30 Jan 2021

1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

Please intercede for my friend who is diagnosed with breast cancer and will be going for mastectomy. I pray for healing, strength and guidance during this difficult time that our Lord may have mercy on her and bless her.

2. Mother of Perpetual Help,

Please intercede for my husband to find a suitable job during this difficult time.

3. Dear Mother,

Please intercede that I may have a smooth transition from this current job to the next.

4. Dear Mother Mary,

Please bless and help my son to be more understanding.

5. Dear Mother Mary,

Please help my brother to fight the cancer that is plaguing him. Please give him strength and help him through the treatment. We pray that he will recover completely and quickly.

6. Dear Mother,

My boyfriend is going through a mentally tough and draining period. Please comfort him and help him to get over it. 

7. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

Please intercede on our behalf to Lord Jesus that he may bless our 20-week old baby in my womb to grow well.

8. Dear Mother,

I am coming to you to ask for your intercession for my friend. She has gone for an MRI and doctors discovered a swelling on the left side of her brain. I pray that all will be good and there’s nothing alarming.