Petitions – 3 Jul 2021

1. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for my baby son. Pray for his healing and may he enjoy God’s favour.

2. Please intercede for my son. His father says things that hurt and belittle him and now he doesn’t want to do anything. Please Mother, keep him strong and protect him.

3. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, help my grandparents to continue to be healthy as they are reaching old age and their health is getting weaker. Please help them to stay happy.

4. Dear Mother Mary, my daughter just called us a while ago and said that she is having a panic attack. I was lost and helpless as I cannot do anything. She is overseas at the moment. Please Mother Mary, watch over her.

5. My husband has left the Church since last year. Please pray for him to return to God and to renew his faith.

6. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, I am writing this petition to you to ask for your blessing on Fr. Luke Fong for his speedy recovery due to the recent accident. I pray that you watch over and bless him in every way.

7. I have been suffering from addiction to pornography. Mother, please pray with me to lead a chaste, normal and healthy life and get back on track to God again.

8. I pray that we may all see the light at the end of the tunnel and that this pandemic may draw to an end soon. I pray that we may be able to return to normalcy.

9. My mom shared with me that she might get retrenched next year because the company is cutting costs. Please let her be able to secure her job. My mom has been the breadwinner for 10 years. We are barely getting by and I am still in my 3rd year of university. Please guide and help us.

10. Dear Mother Mary, I just found out that my Pass is extended for 6 months only which is a blessing already. I am praying that it will be renewed for 3 years soon.

11. Please pray for my son who has enlisted in the army, that he will be brave and confident. Take away all doubts that he has, and empower him with strength and perseverance.

12. My daughter and her husband are constantly quarrelling. There is even a suggestion of breaking up the marriage though they have been married slightly over two years and even have a young infant. Please Mother, intercede to Jesus to help in their marriage.