Petitions – 29 May 2021

1. Please intercede for my son to be cured from schizophrenia and to turn back to your Son, Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.

2. I have not returned home to see or hug my mum since January 2020 because of Covid 19. Seeing her growing thinner via CCTV that I have installed and unable to have a good conversation over the phone with her because of her hearing difficulty, it really pain me especially now as I have to deal with my current illness without letting her know. Please help to intercede to your Son, Jesus Christ, to keep me strong both physically and emotionally and to keep my mum safe and healthy during this period.

3. Dear Mother, I beg for your intercession in my job search. I have been jobless coming to 2 years and there has been no interview so far.

4. Please intercede for me to do well at my new workplace and to overcome the challenges that I may face.

5. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for my brother-in-law who is going for a brain scan to have a safe and successful result.

6. I have not been able to conceive since my miscarriage last June. Please pray for us to be able to start a family soon.

7. Please intercede for my friend who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. As she goes for her chemo treatment today, please be with her so that she will be calm and comforted.