Petitions – 28 Nov 2020

1. Please pray for me and intercede for me that my faith and trust in God will be strong.

2. Mother Mary, things haven’t been smooth for a long period of time and Covid-19 is making things worse. Help us through this extreme difficult period.

3. I have an interview tomorrow, I really need your guidance as I have not been to a very formal interview for past 14 years. Please be with me during the interview.

4. I pray for your loving intercession for my father’s health. He was diagnosed with bladder and prostate cancer earlier this year. He will be starting his treatment soon. I pray he will experience yours and God’s loving presence as he goes through the treatment.

5. I am now taking drugs and stealing. Please help me to turn away from all these sins and pray to you always.

6. I am 9 weeks pregnant with a pre-diabetic condition. Please stay close with me to intercede for me with a smooth and good pregnancy.

7. My mother is suffering from dementia. Please watch over me and my family.

8. Pray for those suffering from the ravages of natural disasters; for the people of Philippines who have been affected from typhoon, Rolly, as well as Greece and Turkey that have been hit by earthquakes.

9. I will be sitting for my test. Mother, I am so nervous even though I have tried my very best to prepare for this. Mother, please intercede for me.

10. My sister and her husband are having domestic issues and are now separated. I seek your help to restore love and peace to their family.