Petitions – 26 Jun 2021

1. Please intercede for my son to be freed from the addiction of gaming.

2. Please pray for me and my wife. We have been trying to conceive without any success. May the Lord grant us a baby soon.

3. I have been searching for a job without much success. I have been jobless for almost 2 years and now with Covid and my mum’s dementia getting worse, I am very stressed. Please intercede for me so that I can be employed soon.

4. Please pray for my sister who is going for a nose tumour operation. She has just overcome her throat cancer. Please be with her to guide her and comfort her and guide the hands of the surgeons during the operation.

5. Please intercede for my uncle who went through a liver transplant recently. Please pray that he will get well soon.

6. My father is depressed as there are loans he has to pay. Please help him that he may receive financial help to pay off the debts and be at peace with life.

7. I pray for my husband’s career, that he will not be retrenched during this pandemic.

8. I pray for my 3 children’s safety. Please guide them and lead them along the right path.

9. Please intercede for my baby boy who is just 2 weeks old. He has gone through surgery, numerous blood tests and now in ICU due to fever. Please pray that the Lord will heal him so that we can bring him back home.