Petitions – 26 Dec 2020

1. Please help my daughter-in-law to keep her job. The company is taking actions to retrench staff in this difficult time. It is a most unsettling time and we pray for your intercession.

2. My daughter is applying for college. I really hope that you can guide her during this stressful period as she has put in a lot of effort – working and studying hard. This is a very important milestone for her as it will influence her future.

3. Please intercede for my son to turn away from sexual immorality.

4. Please pray for my mum and take care of her health problems. Please help us to find a way to solve our financial problems.

5. Please intercede for our 15-week old baby in my womb for good growth and proper brain development. We pray for divine healing upon our little one.

6. Please heal my brother of his depression and protect him from harm.