Petitions – 23 Jan 2021

1. Please pray and intercede for me to forgive and move on.

2. Please intercede for my mother-in-law who has just been admitted to the hospital.

3. Please keep us in prayer especially those who have lost their jobs, health and loved ones in 2020. Please keep us strong in faith.

4. I continue to pray for your intercession for my loved ones in protecting them and keeping them safe and healthy.

5. I would like to pray for my friend who is suffering from an eating disorder. May she get better and be able to find purpose in life.

6. Thank you very much for your prayers and intercession to our Lord in 2020 for keeping us safe. 2020 turned out to be a pandemic year, full of misery, suffering and fear.

7. 2020 has been a challenging year for me. I lost my job and have been searching for a new job without much success. As a result, I am now facing financial difficulties. Please help me to secure a job in the New Year so that I may overcome my difficulties.

8. Pray for my little grandson to be able to adapt to preschool in the new year.

9. My friend has been in coma for 70 days. Please intercede for him to recover. His family has asked me to seek for your intercession.

10. I deeply trust your intercession from the moment I stepped into Novena Church. Mother, kindly help both my daughters who need your prayers to study well.