Petitions – 22 October 2022

1. My wife and I have been struggling for several years and our finances and future are very uncertain. I ask for your intercession as I have been jobless for over a year and currently am awaiting for an outcome from my interview.

2. Please intercede for my son who is sitting for his ‘A’ Level exams. Please pray that he may be free from all anxiety and be in good health throughout the whole exam period.

3. Dearest Mother, please pray that my mental illness will be healed.

4. Dear Mother, I underwent a medical procedure for cancer and have to continue to receive follow-up treatments. I pray for your intercession.

5. My mother is planning to start her oral chemotherapy and she seems to be allergic to the medication. Please keep her in prayer that she will be able to tolerate the medication and that it will work for her.

6. Dear Mother, please pray for my partner who has fallen out of faith. May the Lord lead him back and teach him to put his trust and faith in Him. May the Lord also give him the strength to go through the pains and struggles every day.

7. Dearest Mother Mary, please intercede for my nephew and his wife who are trying to conceive.

8. Please help my daughter and her family in this financial problem that they are facing.

9. Dear Mother Mary, please save my marriage and family. I am completely broken and need you.

10. Please pray for my family to grow in faith.

11. Dear Mother Mary, my parents are elderly and have recently tested positive for Covid. My dad has been hospitalised. I pray for them to have a speedy recovery.

12. I pray for my sister’s healing of cancer. Give her the strength go through the treatment.

13. Please intercede for me to overcome my bad habits and lifestyle. Help me to grow in holiness and increase my faith and trust in God.

14. Dearest Mother, I pray for guidance to be a good mother. Since my mother’s passing, it hit me that I was a horrible daughter to her. I caused her to worry for me so much and hurt her without realising it.