Petitions – 22 May 2021

1. It’s been almost 2 months now since I was wrongly dismissed from my job. Please intercede for me to your Son, Jesus, to obtain justice for me and for my lawyers to conclude this settlement situation. Mother, please help me.

2. Please pray for my daughter to have good health in body, mind and soul.

3. Mother Mary, please intercede for my young adult daughter who has lost her faith and her direction in life to come back to her faith again.

4. My husband is facing a financial crisis. Help him to earn back his losses.

5. Dear Mother Mary, I have been jobless for 5 months, please intercede and grant my wish to find a job soon.

6. I pray for my working environment. I pray that it will be a positive workplace with loving colleagues.

7. Dear Mama Mary, I pray for your intercession to ease the trouble that I face at work, family and personal life. I do not know how to handle all the chaos that is happening. Please help me and protect me.

8. I am feeling very lost and unmotivated at work, I am very depressed and anxious. Please help me find a way to overcome this negativity.

9. Dear Mother Mary, please let me be able to get past this stressful period of my finals and receive good scores for my exams.

10. I am going for my first dose of the vaccination. Please pray that all will be good.

11. Dear Mother, I want to pray for a lovely couple whose husband is facing an impending court hearing which might result in jail sentencing. Mother, your Son, knows the truth and knows who is innocent. Please pray that the judge will judge fairly and that the case will be dismissed.