Petitions – 21 Nov 2020

1. A friend of mine managed to get a job offer to work here in Singapore. Please pray for his protection from all kinds of harm, especially Covid as he makes his way here.

2. My son’s surgery is in the good hands of great doctors, Mother please intercede to your Son Jesus for healing and full restoration for my son.

3. My son and his wife have been married for 4 years. They have been trying to have a baby. It pains my heart to watch them go through the months without any good news. Please pray for them in your kindness and love.

4. I pray for an end to this pandemic. Let there be a vaccine that will truly fight this virus and will not harm the human body. Please intercede for us.

5. Please pray for me and my wife to be with our son for his 1st birthday. Due to the current travel restrictions, we are not able to visit him in Johor Bahru. We really hope we can be there for him. It’s a very tough situation. Please pray for all of us.

6. My brother-in-law is not well, he is living on one kidney donated by his sister and now his health is not in good condition. Please restore his health so that he can spend more good years with his family.

7. I pray for the healing of my friend’s mom from her sickness in Melbourne and my friend’s brother in the United States who has lung cancer.

8. I have been single for so long and age is catching up. Please grant me a life partner.

9. Please pray and guard over me and my loved ones as we might be at risk of getting Covid-19 because one of my colleague’s wife has contracted it.

10. I pray the government will allow a bigger group (more than 250 pax) for worshipping so that all your sons and daughter will attend Saturdays Novena in the Church.