Petitions – 2 Jan 2021

1. I pray for your intercession to Jesus, our Lord, to help me find a stable job. Mother Mary, please help me to secure one soon.

2. Please intercede for me and my family for our appeal of Singapore Citizenship to come through. We have lived here for over a decade and have considered this as home.

3. I am struggling with my friendships, please help me to be aware of what I do and what I say. Protect my friends and friendships, I do not wish to lose any more friends.

4. I pray that this pandemic will end quickly. It has caused too much suffering. Please intercede for us.

5. My uncle has been diagnosed with cancer. Grant him the strength and clarity of mind to make the right decisions that will aid him in his treatment. Please pray for his full recovery.

6. Please pray for me and my wife. My wife has been trying to conceive without any success. May our Lord Jesus Christ grant us a healthy baby.

7. Please intercede and pray for my 90-year old mother who has just been confirmed positive for Covid-19. I pray for her speedy recovery from this illness.

8. Please intercede with your Son that we may find a suitable helper to take care of my mum who is far away from me. Please pray that my mum and brother will be in good health and be safe.