Petitions – 19 Jun 2021

1. My father refuses to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. We hope that he will change his mind and realise that it is for his own good, and also for the good of the people around him.

2. Dear Mother Mary, one of my closest friends has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Please give him strength and the willpower to fight this battle and recover soon.

3. Please pray for my daughter who is in the 33rd week of her pregnancy; that she will have a healthy baby and a safe delivery.

4. Dear Mother, please help me to find a job in this difficult time. My industry is not doing well and it has been difficult for me to get a job elsewhere. Intercede for me, Mother.

5. My niece in Malaysia is alone every day when her husband is at work. Her anxiety problems are getting worse during this pandemic. Mother, please help her.

6. My son enlisted with the Singapore Civil Defence Force today. Please pray for his safety, keep him calm and guide him with good teammates and mentors.

7. The Covid situation in Singapore is worsening and it is hard to stay positive. Please Mother, please intercede for us and grant healing to all those who are infected both here in Singapore and in the world.

8. Dear Mother Mary, through your intercession, my child with special needs got a good job. But he is having problems at work due to his condition. Mother Mary please continue to intercede for him.