Petitions – 16 Jan 2021

1. My husband and I are praying and hoping to have a child. We have been trying to conceive and its depressing when we see a negative result. We ask for your intercession to pray for us.

2. Please pray for my mum who was diagnosed with heart valves problem. A keyhole surgery was suggested by the doctor in December to resolve the problem but it turned out that she has to do open heart surgery. I pray for a favourable medical report so that she can just go through the keyhole surgery instead.

3. I pray for your loving intercession for my sister’s health. She was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in November and will be starting treatment soon. I pray that she will experience your loving presence as she goes through the treatment.

4. I am writing this petition for my two sons who have been unemployed for many years. Please intercede for them that both will be granted a good job.

5. I have been retrenched recently after many years of being in the work force. While I know our Lord has a plan for all of us, it has been a difficult time to mentally adjust myself and to start looking for new opportunities. Mother, I place my tribulations at your feet and seek your intercession through your Son to find a suitable job.

6. Please help me to reconcile with my daughter. I do not know why she has so much brokenness and hatred towards me and the family. Help me to fill her with love, joy and peace and direction in her life. Please strengthen her faith.

7. As we move towards the new year, please help me through the various challenges that I am currently facing – my search for a new job and financial difficulties.