Petitions – 15 May 2021

1. Dearest Mama Mary, please intercede for my friends who have Covid-19.

2. Please provide me with an opportunity to meet a suitable Catholic life partner.

3. Please pray for my father as he seeks help and healing from his illness.

4. Please keep my children safe and let them never forget their God.

5. Dearest Mother, I am in the midst of a bitter divorce. My ex-spouse cheated and is abusive continuously. Please guide and guard my kids & me against all evil. Be with me when the going is tough.

6. Please intercede for me in my job hunt and guide me to the right career.

7. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, I’m praying that I am able to come back to a particular Dance programme stronger and more confident of myself after all the disapproval and rejection.

8. I have my exams these couple of weeks and my family is going through a financial crisis. We really need your help.