Petitions – 13 Mar 2021

1. Please intercede for my children that this worldly culture will not have a hold on them.

2. Please pray for my son to be freed from the addiction of gaming.

3. Please intercede for my son to return to God with his whole heart and give him a heart of repentance that is turned towards God.

4. My brother is scheduled for a hip replacement surgery. But due to high blood pressure caused by anxiety, his surgery has been postponed. Please intercede for his operation to go on smoothly.

5. Please pray and intercede for us to our Lord Jesus Christ that He may grant His grace and divine healing to our 26-week old baby in my womb.

6. My husband is suffering from an enlarged prostate. My granddaughter who is 4 years old has been diagnosed with dyslexia. Please pray and intercede for both of them to overcome their sickness.

7. Please bless all families for a most blessed, joyous and peaceful year ahead.

8. I am so worried about my exam results. I don’t think I did well. Please help me to have a clear mind.

9. Dear Mother Mary, please intercede for my wife throughout her pregnancy and that she will have a smooth delivery.