Petitions – 13 Feb 2021

1. I am pursuing my doctoral studies. I am already in the final lap of writing my thesis. Please pray for me.

2. My nephew was diagnosed with lung cancer last week. Please pray that he will be healed and restored to health soon.       

3. My son is currently overseas and his work visa is expiring soon. Please also help him through this difficult period of time.

4. My friend’s father, who is currently residing abroad, was diagnosed with Covid-19, and has been hospitalised since mid-January. Please intercede for his healing and recovery.

5. I’m due to deliver on the 10th of February, but I’ve been falling sick quite often lately. I worry for the health of my baby. Please intercede for me that I will get better soon and that I’d be able to have a smooth and safe delivery.

6. The unrelenting rain and strong winds have wreaked havoc on my hometown in Indonesia. Many houses and have been destroyed, and many have lost their livelihoods. Mother, please pray for the safety of my family, and please help everyone there in this time of suffering and loss.

7. My fiancé and I broke up recently. I am heartbroken and I feel very stressed and overwhelmed. Please pray for me that I will have the courage and strength to get through this painful stage.

8. My husband and I have been yearning to have a child. Please pray for me that I will be able to conceive soon.

9. I often lose my temper when teaching my younger brother. Please help me to control my anger and be more patient.

10. I recently received my O level results, and I am disappointed that I did not do as well as I expected. Please pray for me that I will be accepted into the school of my choice.

11. I am struggling to make ends meet. As the sole breadwinner of the family, I’m in dire straits. Please pray for me and help me.