Petitions – 12 Jun 2021

1. Dearest Mother, please help my friend who is having a heavy cross to carry and please help me to be more understanding and patient with my mother who is suffering from dementia.

2. Dear Mother, I pray for strength as I see my son going through a rough patch in his life. I know that you will intercede with Jesus for him.

3. Please intercede for the good health of my mother-in-law as she was tested positive for Covid-19. I also ask for your intercession for me to do well at my new workplace which I will commence end of the month.

4. We have reached a stage in our financial crisis that we are unable to take it anymore. We just don’t know what to do. Banks and creditors are calling every day and we have no idea how to repay. Only a financial miracle can save us from this ordeal. Please intercede for us.

5. I pray that I may be able to support the needs of my family in Philippines.

6. My husband and I are reaching our retirement years. Help us to grow old gracefully and embrace the changes. Help me to see things through the lens of God. Grant us wisdom to discern and for peace of mind.

7. I pray with my heart that I will be able to conceive a healthy baby. Please intercede for us and we pray for patience and faith while we wait.

8. Please pray for my cousin in India who is alone in the hospital battling Covid-19. Please intercede that she may recover fully and that her family remains strong and Covid free.

9. I am looking for new employment opportunities and am facing many challenges which I feel is due to my age. Please pray for me that God will open new doors for me soon.

10. Dear Mother, please intercede for my husband who has a relapse in cancer. Pray that your Son, will have mercy and heal him.